23 May 2019 | London
The Landmark London Hotel

The UK’s most prominent data conference is back!

Information Age is pleased to announce the return of its flagship data conference and the UK’s leading event for the use of data in the enterprise.

The Data Leadership Summit is the thinking person’s big data event – for IT pros who are not drawn into hype but do recognise opportunities. They don’t want another hype-fuelled event telling them what big data is – they want to become leaders in generating business value from data.

Doing this involves looking at the subject not just from an analytics and intelligence angle, but also from an infrastructure and transformation perspective, strategy and innovation, and security and governance.

This 360° view of how to approach data in the enterprise has gained much praise since the event’s launch in 2012, and now registrations are open for the seventh Data Leadership Summit, set to take place on 23 May 2019 at The Landmark Hotel.

The summit’s renowned speakers are the cream of the crop of the data and IT world when it comes to demonstrating real business value from deploying technology and data strategies in large organisations.

A number of the speakers are also alumni of the Data Leadership Awards, a prominent programme in association with the Data Leadership Summit that reveals and celebrates the UK’s top data leaders each year. Both events take place on 23 May – summit in the day and awards in the evening – forming an important date in the data community’s calendar.








Bonhill Group is delighted to welcome you to the Data Leadership Summit, co-located with the Data Leadership Awards on the 23rd of May 2019.

Understanding your data has never been more important. Data has become the “new oil” or the “new currency” many will say. It is the commodity that fuels digital innovation, however, unlocking actionable insight is still a pain point for many companies (Datanami, 2019). Not only is the data itself gold, so are the analytical methods we implement to identify its worth. This knowledge about your company and your customer’s behaviours significantly influences your business models, strategies, products and services. With the right information, we are able to predict behaviours, identify trends, improve internal efficiency and reduce costs.

While the opportunities seem endless and profitable – “with great power comes great responsibility”. As data and analytical processes evolve so do roles and responsibilities, technologies, cyber threats and regulations. GDPR has significantly influenced how and what data is collected. Marketing strategies have been revised. Data and analytics teams are growing, however, the technologies and investments they require are yet to be approved. Greater security awareness and privacy protection are at the forefront of company concerns. And the amount of information we receive has more than doubled as a result of more ‘connected things’.

This year’s one-day conference programme aims to address the points mentioned above and more through engaging presentations, insightful panel discussions and fireside chats. Join us as we discuss:

● Heightened Data Protection & Alternative Strategies
● Empowering Data Scientists & Driving Business Transformation
● Championing Data & Analytics
● An Evolving Workplace: Efficiency, Reduced Costs & Greater ROI

Each year we welcome leading professional and headlining companies. In 2018 we were delighted to welcome speakers and attendees from Southern Water, Cancer Research UK, Lowell Group, Peculium/AIEVE, SKY, Founders4Schools, Expedia, Royal Mail Data Services, Legal & General, EE/BT, Lebara Mobile, NASA, IBM, Shell, GE Aviation, News UK, JLL, KPMG, Veolia, MapR, National Trust, London Borough of Camden, FinancialForce, Infoshare, Big Data for Humans, ASDA, Dunnhumby, Alteryx, Vodafone and many more.

The Summit is your opportunity to hear from and network with your data peers and it does not end there! Be sure to join us at the Data Leadership Awards evening where we recognise and celebrate the best in the business. Categories include and are not limited to: Chief Data Officer of the Year; Data Analytics Firm of the Year; Data Scientist of the Year; Data for Good; Data Transformation of the Year; Rising Star; Chief Security Officer of the Year; Data Leader in AI and Best Data Technology Product of the Year.

Come and share your knowledge and expertise while staying on top of important industry trends.

We look forward to welcoming you in May!

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Thursday, 23rd May 2019

08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group

Mike Ferguson, Managing Director, Intelligent Business Strategies 


09:05 PRESENTATION: The latest technological advancements to improve data and analytics

●      Discussing the latest data trends and analytical breakthroughs in 2018/2019

●      Where have these made the biggest impact?

●      What can we expect to see in 2020? How far will data take us?

Mike Ferguson, Managing Director, Intelligent Business Strategies 

09:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: 12 months later – How has GDPR influenced businesses and industries?

●      Analysing which industries have experienced the most change and influence as a result of GDPR regulation

●      Identifying what is still unclear and understanding how to avoid fines and bad press

●      How has data collection changed in the past year? What have we gained? What has been lost?

●      Overcoming regulatory restrictions: Are we being as efficient as we can be?

Moderator: Yasmin Hinds, Data Risk, Assurance & Remediation Consultant, Sopra Steria

Ardi Kolah, Founding Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Data Protection & Privacy

Neil Currie, Head of Data Management, Crowe

09:55 PRESENTATION: Building trust and enhancing your competitive advantage with Data Ethics

The introduction of GDPR didn’t just bring more regulatory change for companies to deal with and a lot of ‘noise’ around issues such as ‘consent’ and privacy notices – it kick-started in many businesses a long-overdue and neglected focus on data protection risks and practices.

●      How AI and machine learning are driving the focus on Data Ethics

●      Highlighting the growing customer expectation for trust in the companies they interact with

●      Discussing the link between assertions 1, 2 and 3, and the direct and increasing impact on customer acquisition costs and the economic value of companies

●      Providing more tangible, evidence-based, indicators of trust and how it is being sustained and communicated with customers

Neil Currie, Head of Data Management, Crowe

10:15 Morning Break & Speed Networking

If you would like to take part in speed networking, please contact Tania.Ferreira@bonhillplc.com
*Note: Vendor companies will be required to sponsor in order to participate.


11:00 PRESENTATION: How to ensure businesses buy in to using data to drive value

●      How to break the shackles so data is a strategic business enabler

●      Getting buy-in at board level

●      Understanding the art of the possible

●      Understanding what to lead with and why, and how not to get stuck in the weeds

●      Understanding how all the elements of data play a role in the generation of value

Simon Asplen-Taylor, Chief Data Officer, Rank Group 

11:15 PRESENTATION: How to successfully complete a data driven business transformation

●      How to look at your organisation holistically when it comes to data

●      What are the key elements to think about?

●      How to bring people on the journey with you

Caroline Carruthers, Director and Co-Author, Carruthers and Jackson/ The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook

11:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Empowering your data scientists through cultural change

●      Discussing public perception and internal realities regarding data collection and processing investments

●      Understanding the challenges to obtain models, new platforms and department support

●      How is company culture inhibiting data driven advancements?

●      How are teams and companies working to overcome this challenge?

Moderator: Christopher Conroy, Data Consultant – Head of Data Science

Johanna Hutchinson, Head of Data, The Pensions Regulator

Edosa Odaro, Head of Data, AXA

Jan Teichmann, Senior Data Scientist, Zoopla

Odina Ifeoma, Consultant Engineer, European Space Agency – ESA

Iulia Feroli, Former Data Scientist & Student, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Sudip Trivedi, Head of Data, Analytics and Connectivity, London Borough of Camden

12:30 CASE STUDY: Data Governance – fund times in Wealth Management

●      Recognising and employing your data governance advocates

●      How to gain support from senior leadership

●      Identifying your starting point

●      How to build trust and embed

Lynn Pope, Head of Division – Data Strategy and Management, St. James’s Place Wealth Management

12:45 CASE STUDY: The Data Translator  – Embedding Data and Data Science at the heart of The Pensions Regulator’s business transformation

●      Positioning data within the UK’s Pensions Regulator’s Transformation Programme

●      The challenges and opportunities we’ve faced embedding data into a rapidly evolving organisation

●      Leadership and the role for a Data Translator

Laura Aldridge, Data and Technology Lead, The Pensions Regulator

13:00 Networking Lunch

13:45 CASE STUDY: Developing and Implementing a Data Science Strategy

●      What are the fundamental challenges in building out a successful data science function?

●      How can we begin to overcome them?

●      From prototyping to deployment: towards CI/CD data science. What does that mean in reality?

Russell Johnston, Head of Data Science, Sainsbury’s Bank

14:00 CASE STUDY: Openreach’s data literacy journey

This talk will look at how Openreach has transformed into a more data literate organisation, and the holistic steps taken to enable that transformation.

●      Creating a case for data and analytical transformation in an organisation

●      Outlining the steps we’ve taken, the barriers we’ve faced and how we’re overcoming them

●      Reimaging a different future

Jason Teoh, Head of Business Intelligence for Fibre & Network Delivery, Openreach


14:15 CASE STUDY: The opportunities and limitations of citizen data science
In 2018 JLR ran an extensive training programme to develop over 100 analytics and data science champions in all functions in the business. This talk will give an overview of:

●      How and why we launched the programme – the value stream impacts

●      Presenting success stories that prove the case for citizen data science

●      Discussing the challenges we’ve met and what organisations should do to improve decision making

Clive Benford, Head of Corporate Analytics Programme, Jaguar Land Rover

14:30 CASE STUDY: Delivering value to restaurants through data 

●      What data do we share with our restaurant partners?

●      How does it drive value?

●      Mapping the path forward

Rahma Javed, Director of Engineering, Deliveroo

14:45 PRESENTATION: Generating commercial success from data science? Productionisation – proven solutions straight from the front lines

●      The real challenges in creating commercial success with data science and the common misconceptions

●      The differences between machine learning models and other software engineering

●      Understand the unique data science requirements and why they are important for the long game

●      Understand the Rendezvous Architecture, a proven solution to integrate data science and enterprise requirements in a harmonious way at scale

Jan Teichmann, Senior Data Scientist, Zoopla

15:00 PRESENTATION: Overcoming machine learning bias through model analysis

●      Understanding end user search habits and filtered fields

●      How to run analyses on production both online and offline

●      How to prevent lost opportunities through overly filtered end user suggestions on a wider scale

●      Understanding results and knowing what information to use from the “black box”

●      How do you make this analysis sustainable with large traffic levels?

Miguel Gonzalez-Fierro, Data Science and AI, Microsoft

15:15 Networking break


15:45 PANEL DISCUSSION: The evolving leadership role and the changes yet to come

●      Analysing the data leadership role – in 2017, today, and in 2021

●      How to best manage a team – discussing leadership styles

●      Understanding the benefits and opportunities of leadership best practice

●      How to foster and nurture employee skills

●      What are your attitudes towards skill – in house or outsource?

●      How to support, adopt and/or launch new tech in your company/teams

Moderator: Nicholas Ismail, Editor, Information Age

Neil Tape, Head of Business Intelligence, University Hospital Southampton NHS FT

Belinda Enoma, Founder, iStartandFinish.com

Darren Robertson, Lead Digital Analyst, Save the Children UK

16:30 PRESENTATION: Leadership – positional and personal

●      How to develop ourselves as leaders

●      Creating the right atmosphere, in particular using the Thinking Environment

●      Discussing the role of coaching (formal and informal)

●      Highlighting the significance of role modelling

●      Successfully developing leaders across our teams

Neil Tape, Head of Business Intelligence, University Hospital Southampton NHS FT

16:45 PRESENTATION: How to Embrace Authenticity in the Workplace

Many team members do not showcase full abilities because of fear and other reasons. What can leaders do to build their teams, nurture employee skills and empower advancement? During this session, you will learn:

●      How multiplicity of skills can enhance projects

●      Why leaders should not put team members in a box. Some really need to climb out for the project to be successful!

●      That everyone brings something to the table no matter the background

●      Confidence to be authentic at work and operate with excellence

Belinda Enoma, Founder, iStartandFinish.com

17:00 PRESENTATION: Make it happen, make it matter!

●      Discussing approaches to leadership and how to empower your team and promote analytical excellence in your organisation

●      The 1st 100 days – Shaking up the system and delivering BAU whilst implementing your strategy and planning for success

●      Enhancing the personal development plan and maximising staff retention to advance analytical capabilities

●      Looking beyond our sector and learning from the best 

Darren Robertson, Lead Digital Analyst, Save the Children UK

17:15 Summit Round-Up: The future of data

●      Discussing the key takeaways from this year’s summit

●      How will you implement some of these ideas into your organisation/sector?

●      What will be the challenges moving forward?

●      What will be the opportunities moving forward?

●      What topics and focus should be considered for Data Leadership in 2020?

●      Accountability & Legacy – Pledge your plan of action for 2019/2020

17:30 End of Conference

Data Leadership Summit Networking Drinks

17:30 – 19:00

Join us in the exhibition for some well deserved drinks and canapes as you unwind with more informal networking


Ardi Kolah

Ardi Kolah

Founding Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Data Protection & Privacy

Henley Business School and Privacy Consultant

Belinda Enoma

Belinda Enoma



Caroline Carruthers

Caroline Carruthers

Director and Co-Author

Carruthers and Jackson

Christopher Conroy

Christopher Conroy

Data Consultant - Head of Data Science

Clive Benford

Clive Benford

Head of Corporate Analytics Programme

Jaguar Land Rover

Darren Robertson

Darren Robertson

Lead Digital Analyst

Save the Children

Edosa Odaro

Edosa Odaro

Head of Data

AXA Insurance

Iulia Feroli

Iulia Feroli

Former Data Scientist & Student

University of Amsterdam

Jan Teichmann

Jan Teichmann

Senior Data Scientist


Jason Teoh

Jason Teoh

Head of Business Intelligence for Fibre & Network Delivery


Johanna Hutchinson

Johanna Hutchinson

Head of Data

The Pensions Regulator

Laura Aldridge

Laura Aldridge

Data leader

The Pensions Regulator

Lynn Pope

Lynn Pope

Head of Data Strategy

St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Nicholas Ismail

Nicholas Ismail


Information Age

Miguel Gonzalez-Fierro

Miguel Gonzalez-Fierro

Senior Data Scientist


Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson

Managing Director

Intelligent Business Strategies

Neil Currie

Neil Currie

Head of Data Management


Neil Tape

Neil Tape

Chief Data Officer


Odina Ifeoma

Odina Ifeoma

Consultant Engineer

European Space Agency

Rahma Javed

Rahma Javed

Director of Engineering


Russell Johnston

Russell Johnston

Head of Data Science


Simon Asplen-Taylor

Simon Asplen-Taylor

Chief Data Officer

Rank Group

Sudip Trivedi

Sudip Trivedi

Head of Data, Analytics and Connectivity

London Borough of Camden

Vipul Asher

Vipul Asher

Privacy Consulting Manager

One Trust

Speaker Interviews

Ahead of the Summit, Information Age interviewed some of the speakers about their sessions


Registrations are OPEN for the Data Leadership Summit 2019!

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NB: Free tickets are not available to individuals working for a technology/software vendor, consultancy or systems integrator, unless they work in an end-user IT role (e.g. IT director, head of IT, CIO etc.). The decision of the event organiser is final

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